You Are Not Alone

How are you? Really, we’re asking. May is Mental Health Awareness month, and with the world being well over one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a great time to give the question some honest thought.

Even if you don’t need professional help, who couldn’t use a little boost? Some simple strategies for improving your mood:

  • Get outside—with temperatures rising and nature getting greener, now is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors
  • Move your body—exercise, even as mild as a walk around the neighborhood or a chair-yoga class, does wonders for your wellbeing
  • Laugh out loud—when it comes to cheering up, it’s hard to beat a good belly laugh

As many Americans are living with higher-than-ever levels of stress, grief, and isolation, this year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Month is “You Are Not Alone.” The goal in 2021 is to connect people who are struggling to help and resources. No one should have to feel like they are going through this alone.

And the timing couldn’t be more important. Even before 2020—and the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19—1 in 5 adults already experienced mental illness each year. The circumstances created by the pandemic present an opportunity to shine a light on the way we approach mental health, and to make long-overdue improvements

The CDC indicates over half of Americans will have a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their lives. Sadly, as many as 2/3 of those with mental illness don’t seek treatment.

A ray of hope growing out of the COVID-19 crisis is the increase in the availability and use of telehealth services. It’s a great alternative to in-person care for many conditions, including mental health care. Telehealth may feel new, but it has been around for a long time, and has been studied since 1960. Over and over, those studies have shown telehealth treatment for mental health to be highly effective.

Sometimes, we all just need someone to talk to. When it comes to our mental health, that might mean connecting with a mental health expert. Bright HealthCare is proud to have ongoing, expanded access to telehealth services both through our provider networks and our telehealth partner, Dr. on Demand. We want to remove as many barriers as we can for our members who need help.

We care deeply about your whole-person wellness. For May 2021 and far beyond, we’re here to help you live—and be—well.


Author: Stephanie Sample

May 5, 2021